Thermoset Composites

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Thermoset composites for archery, vibrating conveyors, chairs, diving boards, sails, and more.

Composites for archery


Our high performance composite material has been used since 1953 to make the world's strongest, most reliable limbs. Our limbs are unmatched in deep deflection. As the premium supplier to the bow manufacturing industry, we are proud to be part of this growing industry that promotes a sport that can be enjoyed at almost any age and throughout one's lifetime.

Composites for automotive


Need to reduce weight without losing strength or performance? Using our high performance composites reduces product weight to meet the latest CAFE regulations. You can rely on Gordon Composites to provide cost-effective solutions for your products needs while maintaining high and consistent performance.

Composites for commercial


The use of our high performance composite material in prosthetics results in flexibility. With our material, engineers have the design flexibility they need to meet the variable demands of the individuals they serve. Because of our proprietary manufacturing process, our material properties are constant, repeatable, and predictable leaving the end-user with dependable, long lasting product.

Composites for furniture


Why are we the best choice for spring mechanisms in seating and tilt design? We use every single strand of glass fiber when we make our high performance composite material. This innovative process allows Gordon Composites to provide material with high fatigue and stress resistance that withstands billions of cycles. Our springs are superior in performance with virtually no degradation of properties.

Composites for industrial springs

Industrial Springs

We make the composite spring you need!

Let our expert’s help design a composite spring that meets your application needs. Get the spring that works best for you – don’t settle for less.

We have proudly supplied advanced composite springs for the leading manufacturers of conveyors systems in the food industry for more than 20 years. Our unrivalled deep deflection capability results in high fatigue and stress resistant springs that are dependable and reliable.

What you can expect from a Gordon spring:

  • Billions of cycles with no fatigue failure
  • Control static electricity with conductive skins
  • Keep sanitized with anti-microbial finishes
  • Consistent and reliable springs for demanding environments
Composites for infrastructure


Our reinforcements allow for renovation and restoration of weakening structures. Use our laminates to repair deteriorating steel and concrete structures instead of tearing down and replacing. Our high strength composites can be bonded to most surfaces to maintain the original integrity of the design.

Composites for marine


We make world class, top of the line composite battens that give strength and stability to world class sail boats. Our composite battens have been used in the sails of championship yachts for decades. Our deep deflection capabilities make us the premier choice in batten manufactures. Being corrosion proof and fatigue resistant gives the end-user the security and confidence needed for optimal performance.

Composites for sports and recreation

Sports & Recreation

Snowboards, skateboards, and backpacks benefit from our high performance material by gaining superior strength and reinforcement. These products go through extreme conditions – environmentally and physically - our composites provide product durability.

The deep deflection capability of our high performance composites along with our high fatigue and stress resistance create a perfect partnership with the diving board spring. Our composites are also corrosion proof!

Composites for transportation


Use our cost-effective, high strength composites for structural reinforcement of your trailers. Our material can be used alone or sandwiched with plywood or other materials for a reduction in weight resulting is less fuel consumption while extending the life of the product.



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