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Thermoset composites for archery, vibrating conveyors, chairs, diving boards, sails, and more.

Fusing Glass and Resin

Gordon Composites produces two basic composite types: bar stock and laminate.

Specialty composites incorporating weft and scrim inlays with our basic unidirectional composites are available. In some cases these materials can combine two fiber types to satisfy end-product need.

Bar stock

Bar stock is an E-Glass material with thicknesses up to .550” and width up to 11.75”. All composites are machined to size with a surface finish prepared to fit customer requirements.

Laminate Composites

Laminate composites range in thickness from .020” (.5mm) to .080” (2.0mm) and a maximum width of 18” (E-Glass only).

The three primary fiber types used in both products are
E-Glass, S-Glass and Carbon.

Gordon Composites can support the manufacturer with engineering, machining, and construction.


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GCI Services
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