Thermoset Composites

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Thermoset composites for archery, vibrating conveyors, chairs, diving boards, sails, and more.

Why GCI Composites are Better

Technology – Making Superior Composites              

Gordon Composites manufactures composite materials that are exceptionally strong allowing for deep deflection without the loss of performance or causing fatigue, yet are cost-effective.

We achieve this by 100% fiber alignment and consistent tension. No strand is left behind. Every strand of fiber is used to its full capacity. Our proprietary process has given us a competitive advantage over other thermoset material manufacturers by allowing for unmatched consistency and reliability, guaranteeing constant and repeatable material properties.

Why We Are the Best Choice:

  • High and Consistent Performance
  • Deep Deflection
  • High Fatigue and Stress Resistance
  • Cost-Effective
  • Constant, Repeatable, and Predictable Material Properties
  • High Speed Production Process without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • High Product Life – Billions of Cycles

FEA Deflection Demonstration

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GCI and PolyOne